Which 10 real estate developers or companies are leading the way in sustainable and energy-efficient urban planning?

1. Skanska – a multinational construction and development company that focuses on sustainable building practices and has a goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045.

2. Lendlease – an Australian-based company that has been leading the way in sustainable urban development for over 60 years, with a focus on creating resilient, sustainable, and livable cities.

3. Gehl – an urban design and planning firm that focuses on creating people-centered cities that prioritize walkability, public transport, and green spaces.

4. Foster + Partners – a British-based architecture and design firm that incorporates sustainable and energy-efficient design features into their buildings and urban planning projects.

5. Hines – a global real estate investment, development, and management firm committed to sustainability and responsible property management.

6. Gensler – a design and planning firm that incorporates sustainability principles into their projects, including net-zero energy and water usage goals.

7. Urban Green Council – a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable and energy-efficient building practices in New York City.

8. BuroHappold Engineering – an engineering firm that specializes in sustainable and energy-efficient building design, planning, and construction.

9. Arup – a global engineering and consulting firm that integrates sustainability into their work, including designing sustainable buildings, urban planning, and infrastructure.

10. Forest City – a real estate development company that focuses on creating sustainable communities that prioritize green space, energy efficiency, and alternative transportation options.


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