Is The Automatic Roll-Up Door Secure? 

Despite being an established product in the market, many people still wonder if the automatic roll-up door is safe. Made of steel or aluminum, it is frequently used in commercial establishments, garages, and industries, presenting excellent results wherever it is installed. Let’s break some myths that revolve around the fold up garage door (ประตู โรงรถ แบบ พับ ขึ้น which is the term Thai) and its safety, such as possible fragility, low service life, high acquisition, and maintenance cost.

Advantages Of Automatic Roll-Up Door Vs. Other Gates

Adaptation To Reduced Spaces

An automatic roll-up door solves the lack of space in stores, garages, and other areas. As they move by winding to an upper axis only in the passageway, the equipment is more compact than other solutions on the market.

Unlike opening, sliding, tilting, and pivoting doors, rolling or roller doors, as they are known, do not need extra space to open or close. Thus, they are the best choice where there are many pillars or exposed objects that the movement of the gates can damage.

Greater Durability

The automatic roll-up door is more substantial when compared to standard gates, which automatically demonstrates greater security. Steel, stainless steel, or galvanized, outperforms wood, PVC, and fiberglass, maintaining the door’s good performance for more extended and longevity even in environments that demand more from the door.

When properly installed and maintaining a regular maintenance plan, the roll-up door can last 25 to 30 years of peace of mind.

High Resistance To Vandalism

Contrary to what some say, the automatic roll-up doors have reinforced more plates than conventional models. Produced with thickness profiles that generally vary from 0.80mm to 0.95mm, they offer greater strength and security.

The side guides on automatic roller doors are usually deeper than manual models, for example. They range from 60mm to 100mm, unlike those without automation, which are only 40mm. This way, they are more reinforced against break-ins.

Low Maintenance Requirement

Unlike ordinary gates, an automatic roll-up door works entirely based on the motor, which replaces the need for springs, latches, straps, and, of course, human force. Therefore, it usually only needs periodic maintenance that varies according to the level of use.

In general, the maintenance cost of this door is much lower than the conventional ones since it has practically no problems with misalignment, warping, or need for lubrication, as it uses a system of self-lubricated PVC guides.

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