Durastone Tile – Congoleum’s Option to Natural Flooring

Durastone tile by Congoleum is really a luxury vinyl tile product. Luxury vinyl tiles really are a superb option to natural tiles for example ceramic, slate, stone and marble. You will find multiple reasons that luxury vinyl tiles are a good choice to consider for kitchens, bathrooms and then any other area of the house. Durastone tiles are very durable, simple to clean, provide warmth under feet, are very stain resistant, and could be replaced relatively simpler than other natural tiles. Congoluem’s Durastone tile series ought to be a flooring choice to consider for your forthcoming flooring project.

Durastone vinyl tile’s major advantage or natural tile items like ceramic is its’ durability. The tiles are completely different that traditional, sheet vinyl construction. Durastone includes a much thicker, denser put on layer, a more powerful, commercial rated backing system along with a composite vinyl core. These design features allow it to be very resistant against cracks, dents and scratches. Should you drop huge pan or object on porcelain tile, it stands a high probability of chipping, breaking or cracking. Durastone stands up great when compared with natural tiles with regards to drops, scratches etc. For those who have pets, children or high-traffic in a part of the home, Durastone luxury tiles will beat almost any other flooring choice.

With regards to maintenance and cleaning, Durastone wins out again. Simple dust mopping by having an periodic moist mop is all that is required. There’s no have to clean or reseal tiles and grout lines. Cleaning and sealing grout lines annually is really a task a lot of us began to dislike. Durastone tiles can be found without or with integral grouting. The grouting within the Durastone tile is vinyl therefore it stays clean just like all of those other tile.

I’ve heard people complain they love the feel of ceramic or stone floors, however they hate the cold feeling natural floors can provide. Durastone tiles and other kinds of luxury vinyl floors are usually warmer under feet than natural floors. This might not appear to become an essential feature but with a homeowners it ranks highly. The hotter feeling Durastone gives might also eliminate the requirement for several rugs at home or room.

Stain resistance is essential in kitchens, bathrooms as well as other parts of the house. Ceramic and stone endure adequately when something is spilled, however, if the sealant is older, stains can happen. Durastone vinyl tile includes a finish layer that’s impervious to just about all stains except for gas and oil based fluids. Hopefully, you won’t must many gas spills in the kitchen area! The stain resistance of Durastone does amazing with pet accidents. Not simply will Durastone resist stains from pet urine, but it’ll not absorb the smell either. For those who have pets, an extravagance vinyl tile or plank is something you require to think twice about. Durastone has a lifetime warranty against stains.

If your Durastone tile would ever become broken, you are able to switch the tile without having the irritation of coping with taking out the grout. As pointed out earlier, there aren’t any separate grout lines with Durastone tiles. You are able to take away the bad tile and glue lower another. A side benefit is the fact that Durastone goods are warrantied by Congoleum for that existence from the product against fading. This turns into a appealing factor if you need to replace a tile five or ten years later. Using the built-in fading resistance, a brand new Durastone tile substitute will match others years lower the street.

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