5 Good reasons to Add Granite Countertops to your house

Home renovation projects are rising. Based on the third annual Houzz & Home survey that compiles responses from homeowners nationwide to find out approaching renovation trends, 22% of house owners in america is going to be updating their kitchen over the following 2 yrs. Of individuals projects, an amazing 89% is going to be upgrading to new countertops. Granite countertops really are a popular choice for several reasons, and ideas outline why those are the perfect choice if you are planning for a kitchen renovation must knows or upgrade for your forthcoming do it yourself project.

  1. Resale value

Based on Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost versus. Value report, remodeling your kitchen area is among the best projects for growing the need for your house. Upgrading countertops can alter the whole aesthetic, passing on a wealthy feel and look by creating an instantly upscale atmosphere for prospective buyers. Even when you are not thinking about putting your house available on the market soon, assuming you need to do, you are able to be assured that the upgrade pays dividends. Realtors nation-wide are convinced that upgraded kitchens create a home simpler to market. Because the living room that’s well worth the publish per sq . ft ., the upgrade is worth the money.

  1. Durability

It’s most likely unsurprising to understand that gemstone is among the most durable, damage-resistant materials available. Most occasions it arrives with an eternity guarantee since it is scratch and nick-resistant, and very hard to damage. The top won’t ever freeze or grow mildew or mold. Additionally, it’s heat-resistant and will not ever melt or warp should you set hot containers or pans on it.

  1. “Eco-friendly” bandwagon

Granite countertops are 100% natural, and therefore are a cornerstone of eco-friendly construction. You are able to be assured the stone is definitely an eco safe and non-toxic material to possess in your house. This can be a trendy choice and also, since each stone differs, your kitchen area may have its very own distinct style and texture because of your natural addition.

  1. Easy-to-keep clean and maintain

Unlike marble or quarta movement, granite countertops do not require any fancy maintenance rituals or products. You are able to clean all of them with any mild household cleaning product without anxiety about causing damage. All you need to keep the gorgeous surface is really a topical sealant applied yearly to help keep the top fresh and glossy.

  1. Cost-effective

You might be surprised to understand this gemstone option can fit your budget. By working directly having a company or contractor with strong contacts using their factory or supplier, you are guaranteed great rates around the material. Make sure to request quotes on many other materials and options if you are undecided, but factor in to the cost the worth granite adds. Plus, if you are handy throughout the house, it can save you money when you purchase the types of materials and carrying it out yourself.

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